Our Beer Selection

Krombacher Pils
Kreuztal-Krombach, Germany - A pearl of nature.

Why should we strive constantly to try to improve an already excellent flavor ever? It is one of our strengths, we can recognize that when a product is perfected and completed in flavor. We believe in modern continuity and stability as strengths of Krombacher - constant in quality, resistant to the taste. An achievement that we will not sacrifice lightly.


The Christmas Song tells the quietly resting at sea, as we feel it with our beer. In peace lies both the strength and the indulgence.  Situated in beautiful natural surroundings, the pure Felsquellwasser® (mountain spring water) provides the essence of purity that is captured in the unmistakable taste adventure that Krombacher Pils brings us. The taste of our beer is quite decisively characterized by the water it is brewed with. With Krombacher Pils you enjoy a distinctive, finely bitter taste and a full-flavoured beer.


Pairs well with salmon, tuna & other high-fat, oily fish and with marbled meats; bitterness offers pleasing contrast with sweet reductions and sauces.


Beer Style: Pilsener

Brewed by Krombacher Privatbrauerei Kreuztal

Non Alcoholic Krombacher PILS
Taste never compromised

In Krombacher taste is the one and only benchmark in the production of our beers. Whenever we commence on the journey of innovation within our product range the number one priority is to produce a brew that tantalizes the taste buds.

During the production of our non-alcoholic drinks the focus was to produce a product that had the full bodied characteristics of Krombacher Pils minus the alcohol content.

The non-alcoholic beer is brewed in the same way, with the same fresh Felsquellwasser® (mountain spring water) and malt content. It then goes through a process of de-alcoholisation developed especially in Krombach, which enables the beer to retain the unique aroma which originates during the brewing process. It is no wonder therefore, with these credentials, that this isotonic thirst quencher is the most popular non-alcoholic Pils in Germany!


Food Pairing: Chicken or veggie burritos. The herbal notes will play nicely with the cilantro in Mexican dishes, while the beer’s sweeter malty body will subdue the heat of the chilies.

Style: Pilsner

Brewed by Krombacher Privatbrauerei Kreuztal

Weizen Krombacher - Germany

Discover the unique tangy flavor of the new Krombacher Weizen. This naturally cloudy, fruity Weizenbier has an exciting full-bodied taste. Choice top quality ingredients, especially the fresh top-fermenting yeast and the renown pure "Rock spring" water coupled with the classic Krombacher art of brewing have produced an especially well-balanced wheat beer with 5.3% alcohol by volume. 

Important vitamins, proteins and minerals are preserved during the brewing process, producing a naturally tangy Weizen, golden in color and with the unique characteristic Krombacher flavor. A special treat for all Weizenbier enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

A wet, earthy, lemon-hued nose preludes loads of bubblegum esters on the tongue. That said, those lemony and earthy flavors keep the sweetness in check for a soft, cohesive brew.

Pairs with Cheese and Crackers, lobsters and fish

Beer Style : Weizen

Germany - Non Alcoholic Krombacher Wiezen

Non-alcoholic Wheat Beer

With our other non-alcoholic beers, our Wheat non-alcoholic offers an outstanding spectrum of adventures in taste for any beer connoisseur; above all else, it simply cannot be beaten as an isotonic alternative to sweet soft drinks.

In the development and production of our non-alcoholic Wheat Beer, we were able to resort to two rich treasure troves that make our beer special. One being the gentle de-alcoholisation that we already successfully use for our non-alcoholic Pils, the other being the separate brewing plant, designed and built specifically to brew our Wheat Beer products.

Our Krombacher Wheat Beer non-alcoholic is brewed according to the same, strict criteria as the Krombacher Wheat Beer which contains alcohol. The full-bodied, fruity wheat flavor as well as the nutritional values make for an ideal alternative for sports and athletes that want an alcohol-free Wheat Beer with genuine wheat flavor that is naturally low in sodium, calorie-reduced and isotonic.


Food Pairing: This light and lively brew will bring out the grassy notes in a soft goat’s cheese.

Beer Style: Weizen

Budweiser - USA

Our founder, Adolphus Busch, journeyed to America from Germany in 1857, determined to make his dreams come true.

Known as “The King of Beers, Budweiser was first introduced by Adolphus Busch in 1876 and it’s still brewed with the same high standards today. Budweiser is a medium-bodied, flavorful, crisp American-style lager.

Brewed with the best barley malt and a blend of premium hop varieties, it is an icon of core American values like optimism and celebration.

Complements rich, aromatic, spicy and smoky foods such as chili, BBQ ribs, grilled chicken and beef.

Beer style: A rich Amber Lager

Redbridge - USA

Redbridge is a gluten-free beer that has a distinctively fruity citrus hop aroma, a sweet toasted grain flavor. The primary ingredient is sorghum. Brewed using imported Hallertau and domestic Cascade hops. Also made with yeast, water, hops and corn without using wheat or barley.

Pairs well with chicken primavera made with gluten-free pasta and cheeses like Gouda and Camembert.

Beer Style : American Amber/Red Lager (Gluten-free)

Brewed by: 
Missouri, United States

Shock Top - Belgian White,

from Anheuser-Busch brands - USA

This spiced Belgian-style wheat ale is the pinnacle of refreshment brewed with real orange, lemon and lime peels for a smooth, citrusy finish. The beer that’s always down to chill — and be chilled.

A fruity twist on the traditional witbier. Slightly tart with a smooth mouthfeel and refreshing finish. Brewed as a traditional witbier with added essence of natural fruits and spices to create these seasonal beers.

Pairs with light citrus salads, feta and goat cheese; citrus flavored dishes.

Beer Style : Fruit / Wheat Ales

Brewed by : Anheuser-Busch brands

Spaten Lager - Germany

Premium brand, bottom fermented Munchner Lager with a supremely well balanced hop flavor
Spaten is a classic German Helles premium lager, with a light, crisp taste and golden in color. It is brewed in Munich, according to the German Purity Law, and offers a full rounded body of malty sweetness, balanced by delicate hop flavors and aromas.

Spaten is one of Germany's most successful breweries and is deeply rooted in Munich's venerable beer-brewing tradition, yet it remains modern and dynamic. The Spaten brewery has been a leading exporter of German beer for more than a century, playing a crucial role in establishing the superior worldwide reputation of, and love for, German beer.


Pairs best with German cheese, salad, pork, fish and shell fish.

Beer Style : Spaten Lager

Brewed by : Spaten in Germany

St. Bernardus Wit - Belgique (Belgium)

The Beginning – It's no coincidence that the St. Bernardus brewery of Watou is to be found on the street called 'Trappistenweg'. The brewery’s name, as well as the character of its beer,  are very much grounded in the Trappist tradition.

St. Bernardus Wit from Brouwerij St. Bernard is a traditional Belgian white beer developed and brewed in collaboration with the legendary Master Brewer Pierre Celis. This ale is very pale (whitish-yellow color) and quite hazy. The head is white and dense. In aroma, it has a wheaty, apple-like, tartness; herbal-spicy notes with coriander and orangey fruitness and honeyish sweetness.

Very refreshing with citric, slightly orangey/honeyish notes – perfect thirst quencher.

Food Pairing: Witbier is a great partner to lunch. Salads are its soulmate no matter the topping. Light fish, lobster, sushi, and smoked salmon shine bright when set to the dance of a witbier. Cheese, eggs, ham, and bacon; all those things combined in so many beautiful ways to beat away those midday hunger pangs find a soothing embrace here. Any sort of cuisine carrying citrus flavors (sauces, marinades, desserts, etc.)

is in good company with a witbier.

BEER STYLE: Belgian Wheat Ale

Stella Artois - Belgium

At Stella Artois, we are extremely proud of our Belgian roots.
Our story can be seen on every bottle of Stella Artois. If you look closely, hints of our origins are proudly displayed.

By 1366 roots of our brewing tradition had been established in the city of Leuven, Belgium– which is also where the original Den Hoorn brewery was founded. Den Hoorn laid the foundation for the quality taste and standard Stella Artois is known for. The symbol of the Den Hoorn Brewery is proudly displayed in Stella Artois' cartouche to this day.

Sebastian Artois was admitted to the Leuven Brewer’s Guild as a Brew Master in 1708, and only nine years later purchased the Den Hoorn brewery. In memoriam, you can find his last name on the brewery and every bottle of Stella Artois around the world.

The Artois Brewery was so beloved internationally and locally, a special batch was created as a Christmas gift to the people of Leuven. That special batch was the first to officially include "Stella" in its name. "Stella", meaning star in Latin, pays homage to this original occasion, accompanied by a star on every bottle.

So next time you see a bottle of Stella Artois, take note of the rich history paired with the rich flavor on and in every bottle.

Pairs well: The mild malt and light hops of Stella Artois accentuate the richness of dishes such as lamb, lobster and shellfish without overwhelming the balance of flavors.

Beer Style: European Pale Lager

Brewed by: Steall Artois - Belgium

Val Dieu Abbaye - TRIPLE - Belgium

Val-Dieu Triple from Brasserie De L’Abbaye Du Val-Dieu is a triple ale from Cistercian Abbey du Val-Dieu with a color of golden plums, very delicate aroma, nutty, clean maltiness, and a drying finish reminiscent of garden mint. Beautiful golden color, very delicate aroma and dry finish


Val-Dieu Triple stands up perfectly to strong cheeses such as a blue cheese such as a Roquefort, or a Vieux Comté.


It makes a perfect pairing with poultry in a sauce or a chicken tajine.

BEER STYLE: Belgian Abbey Triple Ale

Brewed by: Brasserie de l'Abbaye du Val-Dieu - Belgium

View Religious History of Val-Dieu.

Val Dieu Abbaye - GRAND CRU, Belgium

The Val-Dieu abbey beers were inspired by the brewing traditions of the monks. For many centuries beer was a trusted alternative to the not-very-reliable drinking water that caused illnesses such as cholera. 
Throughout the years, monks have greatly enhanced our knowledge of the brewing process.

Val-Dieu Grand Cru from Brasserie De L’Abbaye Du Val-Dieu is the latest addition from Cistercian abbey of Val-Dieu, has a deep dark color, is quite oily and spicy, with aroma of roasted malt, chocolate and port wine; finishes slightly dry.

This beer will pair well with strong/dry cheeses, meats, grilled meat, glazed ham, duck, turkey, savory potatoes, or a nice hearty bread pudding.

BEER STYLE: Belgian Abbey Quadrupel Ale

CHARACTERISTICS: Dark Ale with chocolate and Port Wine overtones.

Brewed by: Brasserie de l'Abbaye du Val-Dieu - Belgium

View Religious History of Val-Dieu.


Michigan, like all great apples regions, is on a coast. The maritime climate provides generous rainfall for the local orchards. We use all sorts of Michigan apples grown on local family farms. The blend of these heirloom apples creates a complexity of flavor that is impossible to achieve with just a few varieties.

Michigan Brut bears the scent of crisp apple and citrus notes with a bit of yeast. Clean and crisp up front, it follows with a tart, dry, lightly oaky lingering finish.

The scent of ripe apples invites you to the glass. Layered notes from the orchard and the French oak barrel bring you to the place and process where cider is made. Try pairing with roast pork or a rich raclette to bring you there completely.

STYLE: Dry Cider

INGREDIENTS: Apples and yeast

BARREL-AGING: French oak