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Organic  Farm


   A beautiful cross perched on the hillside of the vines guards the entrance to the monastic enclosure. A rocky path takes you to the first crops with rows of onions, rutabagas and all vegetables including butternuts, garlic and tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and peppers, tasty and fine green beans, potatoes and carrots, but also corn and blueberries, cabbage and melons and eggplants, beets and leeks, shallots and more.

   Everything translates order, the love of a job well done and the variety of what grows is breathtaking. Everything is organic and each species meticulously listed.

Here and there, you see Religious Nuns, Friars and Priests, leaning over these beautiful fruits of the earth which have not been mistreated nor poisoned by chemicals.

   All work in silence, listening to God and very active, no matter the weather, in the morning mist, under a blazing sun or in the cool of night.

   All those who come for the 1st time to the Hermitage and even the regulars are all unanimous in testifying that they feel a great Peace.

But where does this peace come from? The religious nuns, friars and priests welcome everyone with so much warmth, kindness and a comforting smile.

They pray; they work.

   Ah! if you could imagine for a few moments what a Hermitage could be, a Monastery, you have it here, hidden in the hollow of the valley and in the highlands that the Religious call Mary’s Estate, a vast expanse of fields carefully maintained, worked in compliance with Organic standards.

   No growth hormones or antibiotics;

   No pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers;

   No GMOs.


   It is a pleasure to pick up these good vegetables intended for sale but also to handcraft the good French dishes served at their restaurant, tasty preserves and jams, all this to meet the needs of their Charity Works.

   On such a sacred land, one does not sacrifice the quality and flavor of the produce and products for a greater financial return.

Everything is organic and of superior quality for a premium product.


Psalm 96:12

Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.

Our  Livestock


   To meet the needs of their Works of Charity, the Religious Nuns, Friars and Priests of St Francis Hermitage raise in an artisan fashion various animals for sale, the preparation of their French dishes at their restaurant and the handcrafting of their preserves. At St Francis Hermitage, we raise hogs, sheep and lambs, hens and their eggs, chickens and ducks, turkeys, geese and more, without forgetting the honey production of our bees. Come one, come all to visit their shop and book your table to taste the French gourmet cuisine of their monastic restaurant.

   God bless you !

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