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Our Restaurant

   For your reception, for any wonderful or memorable event,
a unique and peaceful setting at the heart of the 'Driftless Region' whose nature is so wonderful and hilly:

St.  Francis  Hermitage

   We are here for your Reception and our maître d’hotel Nuns have this so beautiful motto: At your service for this unforgettable day.

   If you have an idea for an original evening or event, contact our skilled and experienced caterer and server Nuns: they will be up to your expectations.
   We want to offer the best caterer and server services for all your special events, small family gathering, private events, Club meetings and Anniversaries, religious celebrations, business meetings, weddings or corporate events and drinks, cocktails and more.

   Refined and tasty dishes from the French traditional cuisine; original and convivial gastronomy that you will not find anywhere else, for the greatest enjoyment of your guests. All foods are processed with care by our Nuns, using organic or natural ingredients.

   A distinctive selection of wine, spirits, beers and beverages is available to you for your celebration.

   St Francis hermitage has reached, thanks to the trust and collaboration of our customers, a great success and we are proud to continue offering you professional services tailored to your needs that will fulfill your expectations, in the form of:

  • Warm and welcoming banquets

  • Stylish buffets with appetizing colors

  • Catering and delivery to the venue of your celebration or meeting.

We are looking forward to serving you!