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Our Vision

St Francis Hermitage

St Francis Hermitage

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St. Francis Hermitage's Divine Mercy Shrine; Restaurant, unique Gift & Coffee Shop - and also its Certified Organic Farm.


 A Shrine nestled in the Valley of a Hermitage...


   His Excellency, Bishop Jean Marie's inspiration came to him strongly, to offer hope to poor families and provide him and his Religious who are not paid any salary, the required financial means to help those in need, through our food pantry programs, our visits to most destitute families, and a weekly food support in Gays Mills and surrounding villages.


   Fraternite Notre Dame has been active aiding those who suffer in their heart or in their body across the United States ( Gays Mills, WI; Chicago, Cicero, Marengo & Peoria, IL ; New York City, NY; San Francisco, CA; Detroit, MI and Scranton, PA ) and in other, oversea countries as well, this for many years.


   Bishop Jean Marie and his Religious have been following the Traditions of the Monks, known for centuries for their sense of welcome and good food, towards visiting hosts.


   We would like to make your visit unforgettable, by also communicating to you our joy which comes from the Gospel; take some time to talk with you and give you a desire to come again and taste our other specialties at peace.


   Also make a short visit to the Shrine, dedicated to Divine Mercy, which is adjacent to the restaurant, before returning home. A Religious Nun, Friar or Priest will be pleased to comment its history for you, along with anecdotes related to its construction and the like.


   Welcome to our Restaurant where a Good Table awaits you; discover its French gourmet menus, its unique dishes and its Organic Dessert Trolley, signature of St Roger Abbey® finely handcrafted by our Nuns.


   You may also choose good wines and beers in our St Francis' Hermitage Selection ( not to mention Champagne, Rosé and more! ), carefully handpicked by our Founder: Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie.


   The setting charms all our visitors and customers, with its little church and cloister built by our Religious Friars and Priests, in a site bordered by mountains, forests and apple orchards, not far from the joyful crisscrossing of the Kickapoo River.


You are Welcome here!

Your Table is ready - come and

get together with your loved ones.



   St Francis Hermitage's Shrine of Divine Mercy and Restaurant were born of a divine inspiration to offer our clients a century-old Tradition of culinary “savoir-faire” (know-how) which we owe our French roots. This allows the Restaurant's customers to sample delicious, generously served dishes.


Thanks for visiting, and Bon Appétit !

Breakfast  &  Lunch

Gift Shop – Pâtisserie – Coffee Shop

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